Guaranteed Life Insurance

Guaranteed Acceptance

We have Guaranteed Approval whole life insurance policies available, even if you’ve been turned down before or have had some health concerns. With our Guaranteed Life Insurance, we make it easy and affordable to help with your final expenses after you’re gone.

     ✓ No Medical Exams

     ✓ No Health Questions

     ✓ No Complicated Applications

At Seniors United, we’re proud that we offer coverage to those who truly need it. We’ve helped secure protection for thousands of clients – many of whom who have had major medical challenges.

The Lifetime Commitment Guarantee™

  • Your premiums will NEVER increase - no matter how long you keep your policy
  • Your policy will NEVER be cancelled***- providing peace of mind from a company you can trust
  • Your health will NEVER change your coverage- in sickness and health, we stand by our customers


Easy and Affordable…Guaranteed!

For as little as $1 per day* you can have the coverage you need to protect your loved ones.

If you’re a US resident ages 45 - 79, your acceptance is guaranteed… no matter what.

  • Same Day Approval
  • Coverage can be completed safely and securely over the phone at your convenience
  • Our friendly agents are licensed in your state and will help you get the right policy for you


What’s included in the Policy?

  • Guaranteed Acceptance for US residents ages 45 - 79
  • No medical tests. No complicated applications
  • Your policy accrues a cash value over time which is accessible to you
  • Optional $50,000 accidental death benefit rider
  • Limited benefits for death due to natural causes during the first two years of coverage, immediate coverage for accidental death
  • Exclusions apply


Accidental Death Benefit Rider

What’s included in the Accidental Death Rider?

  • Exclusive to Guaranteed Life Insurance customers – this cannot be purchased separately
  • An additional benefit amount of $50,000 paid to your family if death is the result of an accident
  • Guaranteed acceptance for Guaranteed Life Insurance customers
  • No medical or blood tests - your health doesn’t impact your coverage

For an additional $7.50 each month, Guaranteed Life Insurance customers can add on $50,000 in accidental death coverage to help protect your loved ones from an unexpected accident, including traffic accidents, falling, and drowning which could result in an accidental death.

Your accidental death coverage takes effect immediately. This cannot be purchased separately, only as an add-on to Guaranteed Life Insurance.

Did you know, between 2012 - 2013, 55% of all accidental injury deaths among adults aged 65 and over were due to falls; accidental injuries accounted for 85% of all injury deaths among adults aged 65 and over in the United States2.

2Source: Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

Exclusions include the following:

  • Suicide or intentional self-inflicted injury, while sane or insane (in Colorado, Missouri, or Montana, while sane)
  • Declared or undeclared war or acts thereof
  • Travel or flight in any kind of aircraft except on a regularly scheduled commercial flight as a fare-paying passenger, including falling or otherwise descending from or with such aircraft in flight; or while the Insured Person is participating in aviation training in any kind of aircraft, or is a pilot, officer or other member of the crew of such aircraft
  • Bodily infirmity or disease in any form, or medical or surgical treatment thereof
  • Accidental bodily injury occurring while serving on full-time active duty in any Armed Forces of any country or international authority (any premium paid will be returned by the Company pro rata for any period of active duty)

 Additional Features & Benefits

  • We’ll connect you with one of our Personal Agents, licensed in your state
  • 30 Day Money back Guarantee - within 30 days of receipt of your policy
  • Guaranteed payout within 2 business days**
  • Limited benefits for death due to natural causes or suicide during the first two years of coverage, immediate coverage for accidental death
  • Full coverage for death by any cause after 24 months


Key Facts & FAQs

Seniors United Guaranteed Life Insurance with the Lifetime Commitment Guarantee™ is subject to exclusions and limitations. Some provisions, benefits, exclusions or limitations listed herein may vary by state.  Once you receive your policy please take time to read your document carefully so that you fully understand the benefits you have chosen. At Seniors United, we’re here to help you choose the best option available to you, so please contact us if you have any questions or need further assistance to understand the product you have purchased.

For more FAQ’s, please visit our FAQ page.

For definitions of words or expressions, please visit our Glossary page.